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For over three decades, “The Simpsons” has been a staple of American television, known for its satirical humor, cultural critiques, and quirky characters. However, one aspect of the show that has garnered significant attention and intrigue is its uncanny ability to predict future events. From technology advancements to political outcomes, the predictions made by this animated series have left fans and skeptics alike scratching their heads. Let’s explore some of the most notable predictions and theories behind this phenomenon.

The Origins of the Predictions

“The Simpsons,” created by Matt Groening, first aired in 1989. Set in the fictional town of Springfield, the show follows the lives of the Simpson family and their interactions with a cast of eccentric characters. While the primary goal of the show is to entertain, its writers have often injected episodes with sharp social commentary and speculative humor. This combination has, at times, resulted in storylines that mirror real-life events with surprising accuracy.

Notable Predictions

  1. Donald Trump’s Presidency (Season 11, Episode 17 – “Bart to the Future”) In a 2000 episode, “Bart to the Future,” the show depicts a grown-up Lisa Simpson as the President of the United States. During a cabinet meeting, she mentions inheriting a budget crisis from her predecessor, Donald Trump. Fast forward to 2016, and Trump’s actual election to the presidency left many viewers in awe of the show’s foresight.
  2. The 2014 Ebola Outbreak (Season 9, Episode 3 – “Lisa’s Sax”) In a 1997 episode, Marge suggests Bart read a book titled “Curious George and the Ebola Virus.” While Ebola was known in the medical community, it wasn’t until the 2014 outbreak in West Africa that it gained widespread public attention. The reference in the show seemed eerily prescient.
  3. Smartwatches (Season 6, Episode 19 – “Lisa’s Wedding”) The 1995 episode “Lisa’s Wedding” imagines a future where characters use advanced technology, including smartwatches. The episode features a wristwatch that functions similarly to modern smartwatches, predicting their rise decades before they became commonplace.
  4. The Shard in London (Season 6, Episode 19 – “Lisa’s Wedding”) In the same episode, “Lisa’s Wedding,” the skyline of London is shown with a building resembling The Shard, which was not completed until 2012. The resemblance is striking, considering the episode aired 17 years before the building was finished.
  5. Disney Buying 20th Century Fox (Season 10, Episode 5 – “When You Dish Upon a Star”) In a 1998 episode, a sign in the background shows that 20th Century Fox is a division of Walt Disney Co. This became a reality in 2019 when Disney acquired 21st Century Fox, showcasing another spot-on prediction by the show.

How Do They Do It?

The accuracy of these predictions has led to various theories about how “The Simpsons” manages to foresee future events. Here are a few:

  1. Experienced Writers The writing team behind “The Simpsons” consists of highly educated individuals, including many Harvard graduates. Their extensive knowledge and keen awareness of societal trends and historical patterns allow them to create scenarios that, while exaggerated for comedic effect, are grounded in reality.
  2. The Law of Large Numbers With over 700 episodes, the show covers an extensive array of topics and scenarios. Statistically, it’s not improbable that some of these storylines would coincide with real-life events. The sheer volume of content increases the likelihood of some predictions coming true.
  3. Satire and Social Commentary “The Simpsons” often parodies and satirizes current events and cultural phenomena. By pushing these ideas to their logical extremes, the show sometimes inadvertently predicts future outcomes. Their satirical approach can make far-fetched ideas seem plausible over time.
  4. Influence on Culture Some argue that “The Simpsons” may have had a hand in shaping the future rather than predicting it. The show’s wide-reaching influence means that its ideas can seep into the public consciousness, potentially inspiring real-world innovations and decisions.


The predictions of “The Simpsons” continue to fascinate and entertain viewers around the world. While some of these predictions can be attributed to coincidence or the skill of the writers, others remain intriguing mysteries. Whether you see them as mere happenstance or as a testament to the show’s cleverness, there’s no denying that “The Simpsons” has left an indelible mark on both pop culture and the world at large.

As we look forward to more episodes and potential predictions, one thing remains clear: “The Simpsons” will continue to be a beloved and influential part of our cultural landscape. So, keep watching – you never know what they might predict next!

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